Monday, March 22, 2010

my man's idea: playlist roundup

one of my man and my favorite things to do is drive around and listen to music.

we don't have to be going anywhere. in fact, it's better if we're not. we just listen and talk and talk and listen and enjoy having nothing to do but be in each other's company.

since we can rarely agree on the music we listen to, i decided to make him a playlist with music we BOTH like, or that has some meaning to each/both of us. HE suggested i make it a blog post to see if yall love/hate any of the songs. what a blogger-to-be he is becoming!

check it out below:

1. fireflies by owl city
2. lovely tonight by joshua radin
3. small town kid by eli young band
4. lollipop remix by framing hanley
5. say hey (i love you) by michael franti
6. aint no sunshine by bill withers
7. trouble by ray lamontagne
8. she is love by parachute
9. normal life by july for kings
10. just the same by big dismal
11. hearts burst into fire by bullet for my valentine
12. hallelujah by jeff buckley
13. haven't met you yet by michael buble
14. handlebars by flobots
15. taps by justin king
16. bottom of the barrel by amos lee
17. guinevere by eli young band
18. float away by july for kings
19. today was a fairytale by taylor swift
20. you said by shane and shane

so there it is. what do you think of this playlist? love/hate any of the songs?

are you out there? i know people read this (i have my ways), so come out and play...comment and share with me!


  1. Hi Darling Girl, While you were home I didn't check your blog - because I was enjoying the real and loveliest of all things - your delightful presence at home! I missed some adorable photos of Spring and you and Eric at the rodeo. What a nice surprise and pleasure getting caught up today. I love your play list - good choices! I sure do miss you! Love you Sweets, Momma

  2. 1, 4,6,12,13 are the only songs i like for this play list. 5 out of 20, not a good start. maybe you two need to work on your musical tastes - together


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