Thursday, March 4, 2010

water, and much prettier things

hello my followers! after a LONG hiatus from this blog, i am back!

in case you were wondering (i don't think you were, since i'm pretty sure the only people who read this are my mom, grandmother and boyfriend, who all already of know the saga i'm about to tell) where i've been since my last post, which was from our first night in boston 2 weeks ago, well...our apartment got a little waterlogged.

and by a little, i mean a lot. while i was in boston and my roommate wasn't home, the apartment two floors above us caught fire, causing the fire department to come and spray, like firemen do, that entire apartment with gallons and gallons of water. which meant the apartment below them (above me) got that water coming in from their ceiling. there was so much, it even came down through their floor into OUR ceiling...and yes...onto and through our floors. since neither my roomie nor i were home, and weren't aware of the fire until at least 6 hours after it happened (thanks, super) most all our stuff got soaked. long story short, we have been relocated to another apartment while ours is being torn up and remodeled. this is a blog about things i love. and i do NOT love this. but here's a picture to get your sympathy vote:

BUT, on to MUCH prettier things.

these past few weeks have been stressful, no doubt, and new york often drives me crazy. but i cannot deny i love this city so much, and am so fortunate to live here. sometimes i just need a little reminder.

like this! a short film by sam o'hare, this video is made to look like a miniature version of a day of life in new york city. but in fact, this is not shot on film but with a series of still snapshots, using some fancy schmancy lenses. and these are actual images of the city made to look like a miniature version of nyc!

how absolutely beautiful is this?

do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing from start to finish.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

mmmm. i just love it.

and if that weren't enough to feed my "i love new york" mindset today, the union square subway station had the BEST subway guitar player ever down on the L platform. i see him occasionally on my way home from work or school, but he especially caught my attention today because he was playing an amos lee song. amos holds a special place in my heart, because my man and i went to an amos concert for christmas three years ago, and it was by far one of the best shows i've ever been to.

amos makes me smile. and so does this guy's rendition of amos' song "seen it all before."(excuse the intermittent subway lady giving updates over the loud speaker, and the poor cell phone quality.) and don't worry, i gave this guy some money because frankly, he really deserved it.

that is all, friends! glad to be back. :)


  1. i like the vid. i thought it was actually tiny buildings and cars at first. i cant listen to amos right now, but i will soon. i lovee youuuu.

  2. You've all your life appreciated the ying of life alongside the yang of life - the bad and the good side by side. This week - a prime example - hassles with apartment living and privacy intrusion alonside the joys of beautiful photography and subway singing. Your appreciation of the richness of life in all its forms makes me happy. Love the video and the soulfulness of the singer. Thank you for this lovely post. Love you, Momma


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