Friday, February 19, 2010

boston love

greetings from boston!

on a weekend trip with my cousin. had to get out of that crazy nyc.

more pics to come later!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

timwill photography

time for my favorite photographer of all time!!

his name is tim willoughby and his company is timwill photography, of south carolina.

i am so excited to share with you this guy's amazing work. please check out his website and support him! he just had a baby with his beautiful wife, and they're doing awesome things. but first, here are just a few of his lovely, lovely images. swoon.
(click on image to enlarge)

his new son!

tim willoughby's talent is only matched by his heart.

as of this week, he has decided to team up with five non-profit organizations, and will donate ten percent of every dime he makes on ANY service to the charity that client selects. how awesome is this? to read what he's doing straight from his mouth, read his blog post here:

timwill giving back.

the organizations he's donating to are:

charity water, operation smile, CNEWA, partners in health, and acumen fund.

please check out these links and donate if you can, and visit tim's blog to see his latest work!


the greatest Love story

did yall give up anything? and if you did, why? i find it funny when people give up their excessive habits for forty days just to pick them back up the day after easter.

do we pay attention to what lent is truly about? repentance, forgiveness, refocus, and love. the truest Love of all.

in case anyone is wondering, i have given up wedding blogs. not all blogs (like photo or friends'), just awesome wedding blogs specifically, like style me pretty and green wedding shoes and wedding blogs which lure me in and make me check the time two hours later realize my whole evening is gone.

at the ash wednesday service today the pastor asked us rhetorically: what does your mind wander to when you have free time? what do you fill that time with?

my answer, easily: wedding blogs. only for the simple smiles they bring me. the habit is not bad. it is excessive.

he then asked: if i were to give that [whatever you fill your time with] up, what would you fill that time with? something more valuable, more life-giving hopefully.

this wasn't meant to be a spiritual post, but if this blog is about love, the ash wednesday kicks off the greatest love story ever told.

...speaking of love stories, i will post my fave wedding photog post tomorrow (a day late, yes) and maybe we'll be reminded, once again, of what love really looks like.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little brooklyn lovin'

as i said in my first post, one of the little pleasures in life that gives me the most joy is good photography--of couples, of weddings, of people, of life. but it's gotta be good. i follow a number of photo blogs from amateurs and professionals in all fields of photography and love opening my computer every night to find new, pretty images!

so, needless to say, i nearly drooled over these next pictures which green weddings shoes featured today. taken by the awesome kyle hale, who is located out of atlanta, this engagement shoot was in brooklyn! right in my very neighborhood of brooklyn, no less. it was quite a pleasant surprise to look at these sweet images taken right where i live. literally! in one set of images my street is featured (friends and family who know where i live, can you guess the image(s))? these literally made my heart flutter. this is talent. beauty. love. and a little bit of the BK which i love so. check out the images below (click on the images to enlarge):

friends, check back tomorrow because i will be posting a photo feature of my favorite photographer of all time. i won't tell you who it is now, it's a surprise for tomorrow! i'll just say this--he does beautiful work and has a beautiful heart and WILL be taking some sort of pictures for me in the future. even if i do have to fly him all the way from charleston, s.c. (okay, there's one hint!) any guesses as to who it might be?


Monday, February 15, 2010

anthro love & my love

i don't think i know any girl who doesn't love anthropologie. their little gems are covet-worthy. but, alas, their pretty pieces come at a high price and force me to admire from afar. afar being through my computer screen. sigh. leave me a comment below and let me know which piece is your favorite! and head to anthro's website to check out more prettiness.

now, as promised, here is the story of my REAL love, the man. he and i met my freshman year of high school (his sophomore year) at a church car wash. though we didn't do much besides throw soap suds at each other at the time, we later got to know each other on a mission trip to jefferson, texas. he and i had been randomly placed in the same group, and he was the only other person from my church in my group (we had teamed up with several churches). i remembered him from the car wash. it's a funny story because the whole time he was actually asking me for tips and advice on how to impress another girl in our youth group. i thought he was so sweet for being so concerned with impressing her, but i kept my distance and remained his friend and advice-giver for the next year or so. we started dating the end of my sophomore year of high school, and the rest is history (almost five years later)!

well...almost. you see, since yesterday was valentine's day, i thought i'd make a little post about our unique valentine's day situation. since my man is a year older, he went off to college an hour away while i was still a senior in high school. when it was my turn to leave home for school, i chose to go to new york, given i'd probably never get the chance to live there ever again, and nyu is a great shool. needless to say, we've only spent one valentine's day together in all four of our valentine's days together. this is a picture from our very first v-day (in 2006):

we were babies!

this is us in january at a texans game(the most recent picture i have of us), before i left for school again (nearly four years later!) the yellow roses in the post below are from him this valentine's day. he sure does know what i like :)

hoping you all had a weekend of love and rest!


Friday, February 12, 2010

i love

welcome to my brand spankin' new blog, friends!

this is where i will share my latest loves, finds, and inspirations. a fun little place where we can all share these things together.

i thought it fitting in my first post to introduce you to what i love, since it was just valentine's day, and since this blog is titled "a whole lotta loving."

i love: this man

i love: these women

i love: texas

i love: love letters{via: Pretty Little Tangents}

i love: pretty photography, like this:

and this:

and this:
{via brion hopkins}

i love: yellow roses

i love: manhattan
i love: traveling.
to places like this:
ghana {see my ghana elizabeth blog here}

i also love:
blue doors
beautiful weddings
long naps
junk food
the color teal
vintage postcards
not stressing
the south
country music
living for the moment
the big guy (both of them)
[and so much more]

check back later for a post about my valentine's day weekend, and why me and my man were apart (for the fourth time) ha.