Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little brooklyn lovin'

as i said in my first post, one of the little pleasures in life that gives me the most joy is good photography--of couples, of weddings, of people, of life. but it's gotta be good. i follow a number of photo blogs from amateurs and professionals in all fields of photography and love opening my computer every night to find new, pretty images!

so, needless to say, i nearly drooled over these next pictures which green weddings shoes featured today. taken by the awesome kyle hale, who is located out of atlanta, this engagement shoot was in brooklyn! right in my very neighborhood of brooklyn, no less. it was quite a pleasant surprise to look at these sweet images taken right where i live. literally! in one set of images my street is featured (friends and family who know where i live, can you guess the image(s))? these literally made my heart flutter. this is talent. beauty. love. and a little bit of the BK which i love so. check out the images below (click on the images to enlarge):

friends, check back tomorrow because i will be posting a photo feature of my favorite photographer of all time. i won't tell you who it is now, it's a surprise for tomorrow! i'll just say this--he does beautiful work and has a beautiful heart and WILL be taking some sort of pictures for me in the future. even if i do have to fly him all the way from charleston, s.c. (okay, there's one hint!) any guesses as to who it might be?


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