Thursday, February 18, 2010

the greatest Love story

did yall give up anything? and if you did, why? i find it funny when people give up their excessive habits for forty days just to pick them back up the day after easter.

do we pay attention to what lent is truly about? repentance, forgiveness, refocus, and love. the truest Love of all.

in case anyone is wondering, i have given up wedding blogs. not all blogs (like photo or friends'), just awesome wedding blogs specifically, like style me pretty and green wedding shoes and wedding blogs which lure me in and make me check the time two hours later realize my whole evening is gone.

at the ash wednesday service today the pastor asked us rhetorically: what does your mind wander to when you have free time? what do you fill that time with?

my answer, easily: wedding blogs. only for the simple smiles they bring me. the habit is not bad. it is excessive.

he then asked: if i were to give that [whatever you fill your time with] up, what would you fill that time with? something more valuable, more life-giving hopefully.

this wasn't meant to be a spiritual post, but if this blog is about love, the ash wednesday kicks off the greatest love story ever told.

...speaking of love stories, i will post my fave wedding photog post tomorrow (a day late, yes) and maybe we'll be reminded, once again, of what love really looks like.

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  1. I have given up sweet things, especially chocolate chip cookies at midnight - the warm ones right out of the oven. I'll still make my banana bread but I won't eat it or any other sweets. To my Sweet - who inspires.


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