Friday, February 12, 2010

i love

welcome to my brand spankin' new blog, friends!

this is where i will share my latest loves, finds, and inspirations. a fun little place where we can all share these things together.

i thought it fitting in my first post to introduce you to what i love, since it was just valentine's day, and since this blog is titled "a whole lotta loving."

i love: this man

i love: these women

i love: texas

i love: love letters{via: Pretty Little Tangents}

i love: pretty photography, like this:

and this:

and this:
{via brion hopkins}

i love: yellow roses

i love: manhattan
i love: traveling.
to places like this:
ghana {see my ghana elizabeth blog here}

i also love:
blue doors
beautiful weddings
long naps
junk food
the color teal
vintage postcards
not stressing
the south
country music
living for the moment
the big guy (both of them)
[and so much more]

check back later for a post about my valentine's day weekend, and why me and my man were apart (for the fourth time) ha.


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  1. thanks for trying to clear up the cardinal situation :). i actually did know that it was the color and not the bird, but only because i read the entire story of the tree mascot on wikipedia in hopes of figuring out why the mascot is a tree. apparently they didn't have a mascot, so the band just made one up, so technically it's the band's mascot and not the whole school's, but either way, still super weird. it's not quite so weird that it's a tree, but the costumes are SUPER ugly. so bad. anyway, thanks!

    you've got a lovely blog here. i'm jealous you've gotten to travel so much!

    hope you have good week!



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