Sunday, April 11, 2010

easy like sunday morning: weekend roundup

this weekend was lovely.

perfect weather, celebrations, good food, good finds, great friends.

saturday was my lovely ghana roommate gillian's bridal shower! she's getting married in august and i am SO looking forward to her wedding!

(in tamale, ghana, west africa - april 2009. see our adventures in africa together here)

the rest of the weekend looked something like this:

and this...

some friends and i spent a leisurely sunday in williamsburg brunching (it's a verb now) and shopping in all our little vintage stores.

i picked up this old globe at stella home, a new home store right around the corner from me.

i love the colors of globes
pink, blue, red
i think i'll start collecting them.

as the weekend was winding down, my friends and i headed to the east river, where williamsburg overlooks manhattan.yup, i'd say this was a good weekend.

what'd you do?


  1. I found this photo and thought of you!

    Your blog posts are always so lovely (:

  2. eeee must.have.

    thanks caroline!!

  3. I'd say a lovely weekend indeed! Williamsburg, you, Gillian, Jon and Nicole are dressed for Spring and happy times! I love your globe collecting idea - one you purchased at Stella Home will cheer you and remind you of your travel love. Thanks for sharing your heart and eye. Love you, Momma


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