Wednesday, April 21, 2010

long hiatus & pretty pictures

i am welcoming myself back from a long (unintentional) blogging hiatus, though i'm pretty sure my absence affected no one, as i don't think anyone reads this.

however, i am inspired and excited today by a lovely find, and therefore shall share, since that's what this blog is about!

i'm jealous of all you oklahoma city-ans who have easy access to this awesome photographer.

carl zoch is this awesome photographer.

he shoots engagements and weddings primarily, but i think his outdoor shots are his best.
(and i have a sneaking feeling these are his favorite to shoot as well, but just a guess!)

i've never met him, but i can already tell you two things about him that are evident from his pictures: aside from photography, exploring/adventures outdoors and his woman are the things he loves most (and he loves photographing them, too!). doesn't get more pure and simple than that.

i have a feeling he could make even the dreariest of days look awesome.

if you like what you see, you can purchase a lot of these prints at carl/was//here.

there are four in there i have my eye on...


  1. I've bookmarked him, thanks! Actually thank you for appreciating good lifestyle/wedding photographers. I love looking at their blogs and I can't get enough [:

  2. I read it!

    And doesn't the forest picture look like a scene directly out of Lord of the Rings? (Pretty nerdy but that basically means it's an awesome picture)

  3. I do too and I missed it this week!

    These are lovely photos - the color and light are exquisite -- much like a painting. See you soon Sweetie! Love, love


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